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Teamfight Tactics Mobile Closed Beta Started — Who Can Get Access to the Game Before Its Release?

The League of Legends based auto battler released its closed beta testing for a while now, but it is good to know that only some countries got a hold of it. For example, China and Southeast Asian countries were not among the lucky ones.

But those players who were lucky enough to get it were able to transfer their profession and their rank across the platform. They also had rewards, such as the ‘Little Legends’ arena skins, and other collectibles and items.

What is the difference between these two platforms?

If we are to compare it to the PC version, Riot has really made some changes to the mobile version, especially when it comes to the UI front. The user interface is more mobile-friendly, but it does not come with an in-game chat system. However, as we have heard, it will have an inventory slot for items and a panel in which players will be able to drag items and then use them.

You can preview, or combine, but the shop will not remain open at all times – players will have to tap a button to make it appear in and out of the screen.

Teamfight Tactics Mobile closed beta started

The Teamfight Tactics open mobile beta will be released sometime in mid-March. However, we are not sure of the exact date, but it is supposed to coincide with the release of Set 3. Those fans that come from eligible countries, who had also pre-registered for the closed beta from the Google Play Store (remember, this step is very important!) now have complete access to the game until the developers officially release the open beta.


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