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Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Patch 10.7 Preview – Dark Star and Mana Reaver Changed, A “Ton” of Balance Changes Incoming on April 1st

The Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Patch 10.7 will go live next week on Wednesday, April 1st, and since it’s the first patch after the new set was launched, it will obviously bring a ton of balance changes. Moreover, the TFT team has decided to rework the origins Mana-Reaver and Dark Star.

Before we head over to the current changes in the current PBE patch, let’s take a look at what the Principal Game Designer at Riot Games & Lead Designer of Teamfight Tactics, Riot Mort had revealed in his Twitter thread regarding future changes and the state of the current meta:

“Next patch is 10.7 on April 1st. While we understand the sentiment about 5-costs & Rebel comp, we are seeing a healthy meta shift at all levels of play, and other options being successful. We’d like to let this patch run its course.

That being said, tomorrow you’ll see a BUNCH of balance changes coming to PBE. We’ve gotten some great data/feedback from the first week and hope to continue to improve the state of the game. We’re also looking into more systemic changes like Player Damage, Gold, and Streaks.” –source

Game Changes

While those “Player Damage, Gold, and Streaks” haven’t been revealed in the patch preview shared by Teamfight Tactics official Twitter page (image can be seen below), we’re expecting for SOME of those teased Galaxies to arrive with Patch 10.7.

We’re talking about the possibility that each game to take place in a random Galaxy. Here are the galaxies teased before TFT: Galaxies got released. Some of these galaxies have appeared in PBE and Riot told us that 10.7 will probably bring forth two of the following Galaxies (besides the Normal Game):

  • Trade Sector: All players receive one free reroll per round. Free rerolls cannot be saved up.
  • Bonanza!: All players start with 3 random components and 10 gold.
  • Fixed Income: Players are given exactly 8 gold to spend each round. Unspent gold is lost.
  • Not So Little Legends: Little Legends are larger with 125 health.
  • Manatee’s Delight: All players receive a free Spatula at the start of the game.
  • Normal Game: No special rules.
  • Superdense Galaxy: On reaching level 5, players receive a free Force of Nature.
  • Lilac Nebula: The first carousel contains 4 cost units.
  • The Neekoverse: All players receive two free copies of Neeko’s Help at the start of the game.
  • Unhealthy Galaxy: Players begin with 67 health.
  • Veteran Galaxy: Champions gain 15 permanent health and 1 permanent attack damage and spell power each time they participate in a combat.


Reworked Origins

Dark Star

[Origin changed] “When a Dark Star Champion dies, all other allied Dark Star Champions gain Attack Damage and Spell Power.

  • 3 Dark Star Champions : +25 Attack Damage and Spell Power
  • 6 Dark Star Champions: +25 Attack Damage, +40 Spell Power

Mana Reaver

[Origin changed]: “While at least 2 Mana-Reavers are in play, Mana-Reavers’ attacks increase mana cost of their target’s next spellcast by 40%.”

  • 2 Mana Reaver Champions bonus changed: “Mana-Reaver attacks increase mana cost of their target’s next spellcast by 40%.”
  • 4 Mana Reaver Champions bonus removed.


  • 6 Blademaster Champions chance to trigger increased to 60% – from 55%


  • 4 Brawler Champions bonus health lowered to 700 – from 750


  • 6 Chrono Champions attack speed increased to 75% – from 65%


  • 2 Mystic Champions MR increased to 35 – from 30
  • 4 Mystic Champions MR lowered to 105 – from 120


  • Damage amp per hex increased to 15% – from 12%


  • Bonus spell power changed to 20/45/80 (based on the number of Sorcerers) from 20/40/80

Balance Changes to Champions

Aurelion Sol

  • Ability damage lowered to 100/150/750 – from 120/175/750


  • Ability cast time lowered to 1.1s – from 1.5s


  • Ability damage lowered to 225/400/2000 – from 250/450/2000


  • Ability damage lowered to 200/300/600 – from 250/350/700


  • Ability damage lowered to 500/700/9001 – from 650/850/9001

Miss Fortune

  • Ability max health damage lowered to 60/80/999%- from 70/90/999%


  • Ability damage lowered to 250/325/400% – from 250/325/450%


  • Ability heal increased to 350/500/2000 – from 300/450/2000

Xin Zhao

  • Ability damage increased to 200/275/375 – from 150/225/350


Looking at the image below, teased by Teamfight Tactics on Twitter, we see more champions (Darius, Kassadin, Vel’Koz, Wukong, Xayah, Zoe, Lulu, and Ziggs) and a few items (Statikk Shiv, Warmog’s Armor, Morellonomicon, Red Buff) will also get balanced for the next patch. We haven’t yet looked for them on PBE to see the exact numbers, but we’ll be back with more info by the end of the day.

Check back on our Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies to stay updated on the latest changes, news and patch notes!


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