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Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Patch 10.11 Notes – The Last Patch Before the Galaxies Mid-set Update Goes Live on May 28

Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Patch 10.11 goes live tomorrow on May 28 and we will see only a few balance changes coming to the game since it’s the last patch where players can rank up and get their last rewards with the Galaxies Pass. We will see some nerfs to 1-cost champions, a buff to Chrono, and also a new galaxy: Littler Legends Galaxy.

If you want to learn more about the mid-set update for Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies, we have added a 10.12 Patch Preview for the new content at this link.

Let’s check out all the changes in the patch notes below and head over to the 10.11 patch notes from Riot to learn more about fixes to the PC and mobile app.

Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies – New Galaxy

Littler Little Legends:Everyone starts with 85 health instead of 100.”

New Odds of playing a Galaxy

  • Littler Legends – 12.5% of games
  • Galactic Armory – 10% of games
  • The Neekoverse – 7.5% of games
  • Lilac Nebula – 7.5% of games
  • Medium Legends – 7.5% of games
  • Superdense Galaxy – 7.5% of games
  • Trade Sector – 7.5% of games
  • Treasure Trove – 7.5% of games
  • Star Cluster – 5% of games
  • Normal Game – 25% of games


Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies – Traits Balance Changes

Chrono: All allies gain 15% attack speed changed to every 8/3.5/1.5 seconds – from 8/4/2 (with 2/4/6 champions on the board)

Infiltrator: “Now always jump immediately at the beginning of combat rather than with a slight delay.”


Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies – Champions Balance Changes

Cost 1 Champions

  • Caitlyn: Ace in the Hole Damage lowered to 750/1500/2250 – from 750/1500/3000
  • Graves: Smoke Grenade Blind Duration changed to 2/3/5 seconds – from 3/4/5
  • Jarvan: Ageless Standard Attack Speed Boost changed to 65/75/85% – from 50/75/100%
  • Xayah: Mana changed to 0/70 – from 0/50

Cost 2 Champions

  • Blitzcrank: Rocket Grab Damage increased to 200/350/850 – from 250/400/900
  • Lucian: Relentless Pursuit Damage changed to 150/200/375 – from 150/200/325

Cost 3 Champions

  • Master Yi: Attack Speed increased to 0.85 – from 0.8

Tier 4 Champions

  • Cho’Gath Starting/Total Mana changed to 75/150 – from 50/150
  • Kayle Total Mana increased to 70 – from 60


Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies – Items Balance Changes

  • Last Whisper lowered to 75% Armor Reduction – from 90% Armor Reduction


Quality of Life

Although we’re usually writing only about balance changes and new content, this QoL is very handy for those playing Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies both on mobile and PC. Riot delivers a zooming option:

“Zoom in and look around! On mobile, move two fingers apart to zoom in, and pinch them together to zoom out again. Drag on the board to pan while zoomed in. You can place items and position champs as usual. On PC, move your mouse’s scroll wheel up and down; click and drag on the board to pan.”

Head over to our Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies page to get more updates on the mid-set update and read our incoming guides for the mid-set update. You can also check out the League of Legends page to learn about patch 10.11 and the massive content it brings, including the buff to marksman champions and the return of Volibear.


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