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Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Official Patch 10.15 Notes – New Galaxy and Balance Changes Coming on July 22

Patch 10.15 in Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies will go live tomorrow on July 22. We will see a new Galaxy come to the TFT universe, which will replace Neekoverse. While this patch is light on nerfs and buffs to champions, it’s clear that the meta has finally settled.

Let’s check out the new stats revealed by Riot Games in their official post. For those looking for League of Legends 10.15 patch notes, here they are.


New Galaxy: Plunder Planet

  • All champions have a chance to drop a coin on death, especially the first few.

Adjusted: Galactic Armory

  • All players now get the same 3 component items, rather than 2 completed items.

Removed: Neekoverse

Balance Changes: Champions

Cost 1 Champions


  • Smoke Grenade Blind Duration increased to 3/4/6 – from 2/3/5


  • Ageless Standard Bonus Attack Speed lowered to 50/60/75% – from 75/85/95%


Cost 2 Champions


  • Health increased to 800 – from 750
  • Total Mana lowered to 50 – from 60


  • Mana lowered to 0/30 – from 0/35
  • Relentless Pursuit Damage increased to 200/250/750 – from 150/200/375


  • Health lowered to 650 – from 700


Cost 3 Champions

Master Yi

  • Armor increased to 50 – from 30
  • Magic Resist increased to 35 – from 20


Cost 4 Champions


  • 4th Shot Damage lowered to 344/444/4444% – from 350/500/4444%
  • Attack Speed on 1st Takedown increased to 70/80/125% – from 50/70/100%


  • Total Mana lowered to 60 – from 70


Cost 5 Champions


  • Starting/Total Mana changed to 20/100 – from 30/100


  • Starting/Total Mana changed to 60/100 – from 50/100


  • Starting/Total Mana lowered to 0/70 – from 30/80


There are also a few bug fixes, which you can check on Riot Games’ page.

For more news and updates on Riot’s games, head over to out Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies page or League of Legends page. Keep an eye out for patch 10.16 which will head over to the PBE client this week with brand new changes.


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