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Teamfight Tactics: Fates – What’s New in TFT and How To Adapt to the New Set?

A new set will be released in Teamfight Tactics tomorrow, and it’s called Fates! After we checked out the new mechanics and content on the Public Beta Environment (PBE), we’re here with some info and tips on how you can adapt to Set 4 and learn a bit about the champions before jumping on that rank ladder.

We’ll keep the guide short so you can read less and play more, so let’s see the basics.

New Champions, Abilities & Traits

Getting a totally new content can be intimidating, but it’s much easier once you check out each champion, trait, and the new items. And right before you go ranked, it’s best to do some normal and you’ll surely learn as you play. Here’s the Teamfight Tactics: Fates cheatsheet from Riot:

Playing Teamfight Tactics: Fates

There are plenty of new apps that work on PC (and one on Android), which should be helping you with team comps (builds), drop rates, recipes for items and more:

And talking about comps, the more comps you try to play every game, the more familiar you will get with the new set. It’s essential to play many comps since every patch nerfs or buff certain classes or origins and if the meta changes, you’ll always know how to play the new comp.

The New Chosen Mechanic

The new feature in Teamfight Tactics is Chosen. We’re impressed with this new mechanic since it helps you create some crazy builds. Here’s what Riot Says about the Chosen mechanic.

Occasionally, in your shop, you will be offered a Chosen champion. These champions are already at 2-star level, so they cost three times their normal 1-star price and come with some extra power:

– One of their traits (origin or class) is “Chosen” and counts as 2 of that trait!

– They also get +200 HP and a unique stat bonus—either 500 HP, 35% spell power, 50 AD, or 25% reduced mana cost. (Tunings subject to change)

Getting a Chosen champion will help you build a certain comp easier compared to what we were used to in Set 3. You will also be able to hit those 9 bonus comps or just get a more flexible build.

The interesting part of this mechanic is that the meta will continue to shift as players discover the best way to take advantage of certain synergies.

Getting win streaks by getting an early Chosen is also great, even though that champion is not exactly fitting in your build. And getting a Chosen that fits in the S-tier build will surely secure win streaks and help you get in late game.

If the Chosen you got in early game is not great, you can keep it until you feel like looking for a new one. Just sell the Chosen and wait or roll to find one that fits your build. You will only love 1 gold for selling it, but if it helped you win streak early, it surely was worth the cost.

Let’s say you didn’t find a Chosen early on, don’t lose hope. You’ll surely find a much better Chosen unit further in the game, which will help you make that comeback. As long as you find some good items that work for a majority of builds and you try not to lose too much HP, you’ll soon get to level 6 – 7 and roll for a strong Chosen.

Every Chosen unit will have two bonuses. Whatever trait that got Chosen will count as two, and the second bonus is the unique stats. The most important thing is the Chosen trait (origin or class), which will help you decide what build you will have in the end.

You can check out our Teamfight Tactics: Fates 10.19 patch notes to see all the bonuses for the Chosen champions, which vary from improved health, to spell power, attack damage, or mana cost reduction.

The Shop Got Updated

With patch 10.19, the game shop has been updated. Now if you roll or see the shop refreshed, the champions that you didn’t previously buy, will not appear in the next shop. This means you will have more chances finding the champions you’re looking for, so you won’t need to roll that much.

Most of the game will be without rolling and just picking what you see from the shop. You’ll not waste gold and you will be able to purchase the champions that will show up in shop. However, only buy units you think you will need.

The odds of finding certain cost champions has also been changed in Fates. For instance, to get a 3-star 2-cost champion, you will have a bigger chance once you level up to 6. Also, you will have to get to level 8 to get more chances of hitting a 3-star 3-cost champion. The 3-cost champions will be more powerful since are harder to find.

Leveling in Teamfight Tactics: Fates

In his stream, Mortdog mentioned that while in set 3 too many players hit level 9, it will be a bit more difficult to do that in set 4. Now, you will see that waiting to get to level 8 and roll is not a luxury you can afford. You’ll have to start rolling down at level 7 to complete your build.

This means Set 4 will be more fast-paced and the meta will shift towards a more aggressive playstyle.

Check our Teamfight Tactics: Fates page to learn more about the updates in the new set.


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