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Teamfight Tactics 10.3 Patch Comes With Changes, Improvements, and Fixes

The League of Legends auto-blatter will soon be launched in the third set in about a month. In the new Teamfight Tactics 10.3 patch, the team behind the game will not make any significant changes, and they will work on some minor bugs, and they will fix some animation parts of the game.

But they might still have to do some work on the champions. Statikk Shiv has some nice items, and it is known to get a nice buff, but for Luden’s Echo and Infinity Edge, things will change, as their damage will be lowered. Kog’Maw and Orn are getting a buff, too, and players will be able to pick them up more often. Also, Vayne’s attack speed will also be improved, and Assassins are getting a nerf on their damage output.

What’s new in Teamfight Tactics 10.3 Patch

When it comes to the system:

  • If you touch the edge of your ring on the Carousel stage, you won’t get back to the middle.
  • Krugs has two drops instead of one.
  • Spatulas won’t appear during the Carousel stage anymore.
  • The drop rates of the content have changed for Gold Boxes. There will be more spatulas, more gold, and fewer champions.
  • When you pick a Champion, it will make a new sound.

When it comes to items:

  • Luden’s Echo damage changed to 50/175/225.
  • Statikk Shiv damage changed to 85.
  • Ionic Spark damage changed to 225%.
  • Infinity Edge crit damage bonus changed to 100%.

When it comes to traits:

  • Lunar ability power bonus – for every stack – changes to 15.
  • Light healing on death changed to 20%.
  • Assassin crit damage bonus changed to 70/210%
  • Shadow damage bonus changed to 65/165%.
  • Light attack speed bonus changed to 20/30/50%.

When it comes to bug fixes:

  • Inferno will not proc spell shields as Trap Claw does.
  • LeBlanc and Yasuo can adequately deal with spell damage with Quicksilver in Teamfight Tactic 10.3 Patch.

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