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Teamfight Tactics 10.21 Patch Preview: Divine and Moonlight Changed And More Balance Changes Coming Next Week

A New Teamfight Tactics: Fates patch will roll out to the live clients on October 14. Patch 10.21 in Teamfight Tactics: Fates will introduce some balance changes along with a small ‘redesign’ for the Divine trait, along with a new effect for Moonlight.

Let’s check out the changes that are now currently in the PBE client – On Sunday (October 11), Riot Mort,  Lead Designer of Teamfight Tactics will hold a stream to talk about the incoming patch, so check out his Twitter if you’re interested in his thoughts on the new changes.

Champions Balance Changes


  • Pale Cascade orbs lowered to 4/5/6/8 – from 4/5/6/10


  • Riposte stun duration increased to 2/3/4 seconds – from 1.5/2/3


  • Judgement total damage increased to 450/675/1350 – from 450/675/1125

Jarvan IV

  • Dragon Strike damage increased to 175/250/750 – from 175/250/500


  • Slicing Maelstrom damage increased to 300/450/1350 – from 300/450/900


  • Javelin Toss damage amplifier per hex increased to 20% – from 10%


Traits Balance Changes


  • Bonus critical strike chance increased to 10/25/50% (based on the number of Assassins -2/4/6) – from 10/25/40%


  • [New Effect]: Upon attacking six times or dropping below 50% health, Divine units remove all crowd control and ascend, taking 66% lowered damage (post-mitigation) and dealing 50% bonus true damage (pre-mitigation) for 4/7/10/13 (based on the number of Divines – 2/4/6/8) seconds
  • [Old Effect]: Upon attacking six times or dropping below 50% health, Divine units ascend, taking 25% lowered damage (post-mitigation) and dealing 20/40/65/100% (based on the number of Divines – 2/4/6/8) bonus true damage (pre-mitigation) for the rest of combat


  • Bonus attack speed per stack increased to 15/25/40/80% (based on the number of Duelists – 2/4/6/8) – from 12/20/35/60%


  • Bonus damage changed to 150/175/200/225% (based on the number of Hunters – 2/3/4/5) – from 175% at all synergies


  • [New Effect]: 5 Moonlights synergy stars up 3 Moonlight units


  • Bonus damage increased to 150/400/750 (based on the number of Shades – 2/3/4) – from 100/325/650


  • Bonus armor changed to 100/250/750/2000 (based on the number of Vanguards – 2/4/6) – from 100/250/500


These are all the changes coming with the new patch. Check out our TFT: Fates page for the official patch notes which will be released on October 13. If you’re looking for the 10.21 PBE preview for League of Legends, follow this link.

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