Paula Tudoran
Contributor (Technology/Games/Law & Order)

Paula is a first-class content writer for V Herald who covers the latest Technology and Games news. With an avid love for words, she brings this portal the completion it needs.
Catherine Whitaker
Contributor (Environment)

Catherine has been an active participant and contributor for V Herald for quite some time. Being a tech lover and a part of a popular local NGO, she loves to jot down news articles for Technology and science niches. 

Tracey Platt
Contributor (Cannabis)

Tracey has always been a team player who keeps the entire team of V Herald together. She is a crucial contributor for this news platform who covers everything that one needs to know about the Cannabis industry.

Rada Mateescu
Writer (Technology/Games)

Blogging and research are two of Rada Mateescu's passions. When she's not researching and reporting the latest news, she's watching sci-fi/horror movies and traveling. Here at V Herald, you'll find her covering subjects in the Technology/Games sections.

Sonia Peltea
Writer (Tech/Games/Apps)

I am a writer for V Herald, focusing more on technology and gadget news. I'm always interested in delivering the latest updates on new apps, as well as games. If there's something new on League of Legends or World of Warcraft, you can expect informative updates on all the future content.