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Half-Life: Alyx and Its Performance in Virtual Reality

Half-Life: Alyx‘s Quarantine Zone in City 17 gives you a taste of a perfect videogame logic with horrible zombies that try to prey on you. VR can be an intense and peculiar experience, but it is not the complete realism the mechanism’s most important advocates suggest. It is more like an unreal, walking dreamspace, a reality you occupy as you encounter its own unreality that makes the whole thing seems like a riveting hallucination. Tailored for Virtual Reality Half-Life: Alyx, Valve‘s latest title is a VR-exclusive game, and an attempt to…

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Science Technology 

Microsoft Presents DreamWalker, the Most Advanced VR System in the World

Specialists at Microsoft have been researching new methods to improve the walking experience using VR goggles and a backpack powered by a computer. The new program, DreamWalker, was created by Microsoft Research, and it implies users wearing virtual reality headsets that instruct them ​with regard to the environment they are passing through. Utilizing RGB depth cameras, geolocation info, and other positioning technology, DreamWalker designs a live 3D simulation of the environment. The new technology is able to visualize obstacles, such as planter boxes, light poles, and other walking pedestrians, which DreamWalker​…

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