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Experts Issue Solar Storm Alert as Charged Particles From the Sun Reach Earth

Space weather experts have predicted a solar storm after a stream of charged particles from the Sun got to Earth. Solar winds reaching our planet over the weekend have produced a weak geomagnetic storm in Earth’s magnetosphere, and the U.S. Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) says the storm could last until Wednesday, September 30th. The storm could also affect satellite systems. Solar Storm Alert On Monday, the SWPC alert bulletin said that weak power grid fluctuations could take place, along with ‘minor impacts on satellite operations.’ Geomagnetic or solar storms…

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Sunspots Mystery Might Have Been Solved By Scientists

The sun plays a fundamental role in your existence since life on Earth would not be possible without it. In several decades many researchers have worked hard to learn more about our star. While much has been discovered, one of the most interesting questions is posed by the cycle of sunspots. It is well known that the sun will produce more sunspots every eleven years. The reasons which led to the appearance of additional dark spots on the surface has been an enduring puzzle. A team of researchers from the…

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