PS5 vs. initial devkit vs. previous models Technology 

PS5 vs. initial devkit vs. previous models

If you are a PS5 or an Xbox Series X fan, you must have read at least one article about the differences between the two models. However, let’s try something different this time and see the differences between Sony’s last console and its predecessors. What made the PlayStation series stand out? How did the PlayStation devkits look initially vs. the final product?  PS5 vs. previous models Sony is all for a good looking final product. Therefore, in general, devkits don’t look very remarkable, and since they are not for sale,…

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First reviews on the PS5 leaves us mouth open Uncategorized 

Next-gen PS5 Amaze Users with High-end Graphics

The next-gen PS5 is finally out on the loose! Japanese analysts are the first to have laid hands on Sony’s fantastic game console, and we have gathered all the information you need to know. This article includes photos showing off the console’s finest outlines. On top of that, reviewers even had the chance to test a couple of games.  As expected, the next-gen console is a beast. So far, Sony has built the biggest console on the market, and photos from 4Gamer prove our point. Please note the report is written in…

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PS5 I/O bandwidth Technology 

PS5 I/O bandwidth can reach 17.38 GB/s

PlayStation Access explains how the PS5 tech works in a new video. The video focuses on the upcoming console’s SSD and Input/Output (IO) system. However, it looks like the concept is much cheaper than its actual worth. At least, according to Wccftech. So far, Sony has advertised its PS5’s SSD quite a lot. Another focus was the excellent read speeds of the console. However, we did not hear that much about the custom I/O unit, which plays an essential role in the process.  PS5 Tech explained It turns out the…

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MWC 2021 News Technology 

MWC 2021 postponed until June 28

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) event usually takes place in late February, early March. That’s when most phone makers reveal their latest mobile phone models. However, this wasn’t a typical year, and it seems like 2021 won’t be either. GSMA announced the MWC 2021 conference is postponed from March 1 to June 28, 2021. That’s right, MWC 2021 is delayed for almost four months, and we are not even in 2021. However, the decision is within reason due to the current pandemic. It’s better later than never. MWC 2020 was…

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PS5 Preorder: Sony addresses the Situation Technology 

PS5 Preorder: Sony addresses the Situation

It feels like forever since we have been waiting for the next-gen PS5 console. However, when Sony opened up the preorder process, it was a mess. All this waiting for this to happen is a bit disappointing. Although the company said it would announce the public members about the PS5 preorder time details, they clearly didn’t.  During the PS5 Showcase, the company did mention the preorder process would start the following day; however, they did not mention the time. Although we did have a list of retailers selling the product,…

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Xbox Series X, S
Games Technology 

Xbox Series X: Official Release Date and Time Details

Microsoft has finally revealed the official release date when fans can preorder the upcoming Xbox Series X or S console. Consumers will be able to preorder the next-gen consoles starting 11 AM ET / 8 AM PT on September 22. Here is a list of the online shops where you can find them:  Amazon,  Target,  Walmart, Best Buy,  Costco,  Sam’s Club,  Gamestop,  Newegg,  Army and Airforce Exchange Service. Xbox Series Price The upcoming Xbox Series X is the premium console model and costs $499. On the other hand, the next…

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Best Games to Play on PS4 in 2020

It is rather obvious that the famed Play Station 4 (PS4) has been roaring success for Sony. The company’s decision to invest in quality first-party studios has paid off in the form of some of the best exclusive titles the console industry has seen. The PS4 games collection is filled with numerous exclusives that have been both commercially and critically successful. With other games still under development before the PS4 console cycle comes to an end due to the launch of the next-generation device, Sony can definitely take pride in…

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PS5 Has Finally Been Revealed

Sony has finally revealed its next-generation console, the PlayStation 5, which was anxiously awaited by gamers all over the world. After almost an hour of PS5 game unveils during the PS5 live event that took place yesterday, the tech giant has revealed the console’s hardware design.   The PS5 comes with a white-and-black design to match the brand new controller that will be included in the box. Among the games revealed by Sony, there were some exclusive titles such as Rocket League / Twisted Metal hybrid Destruction Allstars, a Pixar-looking action-adventure…

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PS5 Was Listed on Amazon UK With a Shocking Price

With less and less time to wait for Sony’s next-generation console, numerous listings started to show up on the Internet. Now, one listing, in particular, has appeared on Amazon UK at £599.99 (around $765), but the placeholder was almost immediately taken down; however, not before a person managed to buy the console.   Hot UK Deals was able to make a screenshot of a dummy ASIN page for the PS5, which had the price mentioned, while a user that goes by the name of ‘ashmac’ pre-ordered it before the post was…

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Sony’s PS5 Reveal Event Date Was Scheduled For This Week

Sony‘s PlayStation reveal event is now back on after being delayed last week. The tech giant has just announced the new game-reveal live-streamed event that will take place on Thursday, June 11th, at 400 p.m. ET or 1:00 p.m. PT.   The announcement briefly mentions last week’s delay, saying: “We needed to step aside so key voices could be heard during this historic and important time.”   Amid ongoing protests that took place over the weekend in the United States and across the world, and social media being used to broadcast field-based…

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