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Dutch Team Develops Coffin Made of Mushrooms to Eliminate Harmful Elements in Soil

​Dutch designers have created the world’s first mycelium coffin in which the deceased person can be buried. The world-first achievement claims a moss-filled coffin made of the underground fungal network of mushrooms. The Living Cocoon was created by Bob Hendrikx by partnering with researchers from the Delft University of Technology and the Naturalis Natural History Museum and has already been included in the coffin collections provided by two Dutch funeral companies. “The Living Cocoon enables people to become one with nature again and to enrich the soil, instead of polluting…

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Mushrooms Could Help Humans Survive, In Case Of A Catastrophic Disaster

Reportedly, mushrooms can be used by humans to help them survive in case of apocalyptic scenarios. As per science journalist and TIME editor Bryan Walsh, in case of another asteroid collision, or other catastrophic impacts, mushrooms are pretty much the only food that can be used for human survival as it thrives in dark spaces, without needing the sun. Walsh’s new book, ‘End Times’ depicts how potential apocalyptic events, such as asteroid impacts, supervolcano eruptions, and nuclear war, could happen in the future. The exciting part is that all those…

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