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IGTV videos: Guide to share your own videos

Some of you may wonder how to post IGTV videos on your feed. Therefore, this article is a guide to answer your question. I’m going to help you throughout the whole process. Don’t worry; it takes just a few minutes to finish, so let’s start. Please follow the steps below accordingly.  Easy guide to posting IGTV videos If you ever tried to upload an IGTV video on Instagram, you may have noticed the next options:  whether to upload or not your video as a preview on your feed  whether to…

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IGTV: How to delete your video history Guide

IGTV is a standalone video app that also runs on Instagram. However, this app remembers the watch history data. Therefore, some are wondering how to delete it. This article is a guide to help you through the process. The good news is that the process doesn’t take long. There are more ways to make it happen, so just make sure to follow the steps accordingly.  How to delete your IGTV history Guide There is no official option to delete the IGTV videos history. However, there are a few alternatives that…

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