Samsung might release a dual-fold phone similar to Xiaomi's Technology 

Samsung might release a dual-fold phone similar to Xiaomi’s

Samsung seems eager to explore the foldable phone tech even further. Besides the already existing Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Flip type, the giant company plans to release a smartphone similar to Xiaomi’s dual folding phone. According to a source, Samsung has already released a patent application in South Korea for the upcoming device.  The latest information comes from LetsGoDigital, who has posted images of the company’s upcoming folding phone model. However, compared to Xiaomi’s foldable device, Samsung will use different mechanisms for its smartphone. Their goal is to…

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Samsung Unveils The Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung decided to offer tech enthusiasts a glimpse of how the next-gen foldable smartphone will look like. The tech giant aired a short ad during the Oscars on Sunday night. Even though the device was not named during the ad, some previous leaks have already confirmed that it will be the Galaxy Z Flip. Samsung still has to publish the ad on the official social media channels but a screenshot was snapped just in time.  Samsung unveils the Galaxy Z Flip Back in 2019, the tech giant launched the revolutionizing…

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Can Outperform Its Competitors This Year

The first foldable phone created by “the giant” Samsung, will have strong competition on the market. First in line is the Chinese brand Huawei, which has released its Mate X foldable phone in China, and it attends to do so in other markets, and the first step is to present the device this month in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress conference. The second competitor is Motorola with its new Razr, which can be folded vertically, not horizontally, and the release date will be on February 24th. Samsung will be…

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