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OnePlus, Samsung, and Google Pixel deals

Buying a new smartphone can be a difficult decision sometimes. There are many things you need to take into consideration; however, in the end, it is all up to your pocket size. Researching the internet for the best deals can be dreadful, but not when someone else does the job for you. This article includes the best offers you can at the moment, so let’s get into details.¬† We will keep the list simple and stick to the unlocked smartphones only. Before we start, please check each device’s details before…

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samsung galaxy s20 fe Technology 

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE vs. Galaxy S20 series 

One noticeable thing about the Samsung Galaxy S series is that the price increases every year. Although it is expectable, the difference between the previous and latest smartphone models is significant. For example, from Galaxy S10 to the S20, the basic version went from $899 to $999. However, the difference between the premium models is even more prominent. From Galaxy S10 Plus to the S20 Plus, the price went up from $999 to $1199. Samsung offers other smartphone options, such as Note, Z Flip, and Z Fold line up. However,…

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