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Should You Pay Off Debt or Save for Retirement? 

Remember the board game Life? Where you got in your nifty plastic car and “drove” your life pathway, making big decisions (college or no college?) and achieving major life goals along the way? Turns out, lowercase-L life is not that different. You have moments where you have to make big financial decisions that will impact your future in ways you can’t always easily predict. Like: should you pay off debt or save for retirement?  Look at the Pros and Cons  For big life decisions, using the old pros-and-cons lists is…

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Debt Consolidation Reviews With Brice Capital

Carrying debt might seem like a perfectly normal part of making ends meet, and most people think that as long as you make your payments every month, it doesn’t have a financial impact on your bottom line. The truth is, holding onto debt and making minimum payments has a significant impact on your overall finances today and in the future.  Debt Consolidation FAQs Your best chance for financial freedom lies in becoming debt-free, but you have to take a different approach to your obligations to do that. If you don’t,…

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Pay Off Your Debt and Achieve Financial Freedom at the Same Time

​Debt can be overwhelming, more so if it’s in the double or triple-digits. Many experts and gurus in the domain have some particular ways of dealing with debt, and Tiffany Aliche is one of them. ‘The Budgetista’ had around $300,000 in debt after the last recession, but managed to get rid of it and started to help others do the same.  “The first step really is forgiving yourself because almost everyone who has a lot of debt is already beating themselves up. We underestimate how important the emotional component of debt…

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