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Sync iTunes Music Library on Android

Listening to music on iPods, those were the best days. Vast music collections, lots of playlists, and hours of listening to your favorite tunes. If you want to sync the iTunes music library on Android, there might be some useful tips and tricks to try. Follow the next methods and switch your iTunes music library to Android.

How to Sync iTunes Music Library on Android

Method 1: Use Google Play Music

Google Play Music offers cloud storage for 50,000 songs. You use it both from your smartphone and desktop. The best part, Google Play Music, is compatible with iTunes!

First, download the Google Music Manager or Google Play Music for Chrome on your PC. Then, download the Google Play Music on your smartphone, as well. Open the app and login with your Google account. Choose the location of the music you want to upload, in your case iTunes. Google Music Manager will begin to upload all the music files.

As for the desktop version, it will automatically sync with the Google Play Music app on your smartphone. Open it and tap on My Library. However, it might take up to a few minutes/hours until the Music Manager uploads all the music files.

Method 2: Use iSyncr

Download iSyncr from the Google Play Store to your smartphone, and the desktop version for your PC. Use a USB cable to connect your smartphone to your PC and open the iSyncr desktop version. Choose iTunes and Synchronise, and for iSyncr to do its magic. Music files will be transferred to your smartphone in a couple of minutes, depending on their size.

Method 3: Use a USB Cable

Use a USB cable and connect your phone to the PC. Open Windows Explorer, and look after the iTunes folder. Drag and drop it into your smartphone’s music folder. Once the transfer is done, you will be able to enjoy all the iTunes Music library on your Android phone.

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