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Survivor Legacy Gets Enhanced with New Version about GVG mode

There are plenty of survival games about saving the world out there, but one of them stands out as being a little different. Survivor Legacy showcases a very interesting scenario and loads of fun gameplay. Besides having to fight against the forces of evil and save the world, you also have to find other survivors and built an entirely new civilization.

The game was created by GameHollywood, and it even got enhanced recently with a new facility battle (GVG). So there you have one more extra reason to hop into the game ASAP along with your friends!

What’s new in Survivor Legacy

If you’re willing to get your hands on more rewards while playing Survivor Legacy, the new version of GVG mode is for you! There are some Facilities that are available for exploring during Survivor Legacy: Ruins, Prison, Military Base, University, and Power Station. You’ll just need to get involved in the guild battle, and exciting rewards are awaiting you as it follows:

  • Facility Rewards: all guild members receive rewards once the occupation turns becomes successful.
  • Occupy Bonus: all guild members will benefit from a buff while the occupation is ongoing.
  • Daily Rewards: all guild members can benefit from daily rewards.
  • Participation Rewards: simply participating in the Facility Battle can allow you to have rewards.

Don’t hesitate to occupy the Military Base

There is plenty of exciting stuff to do in Survivor Legacy. One of them is occupying the Military Base, and you’ll successfully become the Union General. It is a title that’s worth craving for, as it assures different powers and privileges.

As for the General Powers and Privileges, the game doesn’t fall short in this area as well:

  • Awards: Award the Guild Members with various items.
  • Ceremony: you can give your Guild member a buff by holding a Guild Ceremony.
  • Amnesty: Release all of the imprisoned Commanders from the Union at once. However, you must remember that this option can be used only once.
  • Abdication: Transfer the General position towards another member
  • Assignment: Assign titles for other Guild members.
  • Union Notice: Make public a new notice.

Do you have what it takes to carry the survivor legacy? The game needs as many heroes as possible!

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