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Survivor Legacy – Easter Reward Event Coming This Month

Great news for Survivor Legacy players! A big reward event is coming this month.

Whether you’re a Survivor Legacy player or not, it’s time to hop into this new adventure and get a chance at winning the biggest prize from the Easter Reward Event held by R2 Games.

Survivor Legacy – The Post-Apocalyptic Survival Browser Game

Last fall, the R2 Games dev team behind the post-apocalyptic survival game has announced the new title, teasing us with a spectacular art style. Over the coming weeks, we were able to see a glimpse of the characters, the story, and where the game was heading. At the beginning of December 2019, closed beta began and it got officially released in mid-February.

Players that joined the post-apocalyptic world had to look for other survivors and help rebuild a new civilization while fighting for their lives and battling hoards of zombies.

You get to choose from 26 special heroes depending on what skills you prefer and build your base, recruit heroes to stay on your side, and even have your real-life friends in the same alliance.

What’s even more exciting is that even though the content in Survivor Legacy is less than two months old, R2 Games is raising the bar with a slew of events and rewards right before Easter!

Easter 2020 Rewards in Survivor Legacy

Grow stronger than ever with daily rewards in the Easter Reward Event, which also comes with big discounts in the shop.

There’s an Easter event page that also offers gift codes not just for Survivor Legacy, but also for the other titles from R2 Games.

We’re talking not just about the top three games Dragon Awaken, League of Angels and Wartune, but also about The Third Age and Crystal Saga 2.

For instance, Dragon Awaken has already revealed the new Wings, Easter Mounts and Mounts Skin. In The Third Age and Crystal Saga 2, players will get to see new Fashion items and other rewards for their characters through the other events that are taking place in-game during the Easter season.

Players of all R2 Games can enjoy the Easter Event and revisit the following page for daily rewards. Log in 5 times in a row on to get up to 5 gift codes filled with rewards!

You can also participate in the Easter Slot Machine to have a chance at winning the biggest prize!

Head over to the R2 Games site to check the rest of the games and events. There are more good news from R2 Games, though. You can join the official R2 Games Facebook page to learn about the incoming rewards and all the latest news, no matter what browser game you’re playing.


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