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Surface Pro 7: What you Need to Know About it

The new Surface Pro 7 is the latest Microsoft computer hardware release. The company launched more Surface products this year than in any other previous year, with two new devices being added to the popular network. The new clamshell Surface Laptops, a 13-inch, and a 15-inch model were released along with a more straightforward take on the concept of the Arm-based Surface Pro X.

However, the Surface Pro is what lifted Microsoft’s current computer hardware series, and it still is the most advanced, most perfected item in the lineup.

What’s New This Year

The brand new Surface Pro 7 is not that different from the previous version, the Surface Pro 6. However, that is because the last few models have taken the two-in-one design as far as it can go without turning into something way more different.

The 2019 models pack Intel’s 10th-generation Core series processors, namely, the Core i3, i5, and i7 variants. It also adds some processing power; overall, it is a slight upgrade. Wi-Fi 6 is also incorporated if you have a router to support it.

The most important feature we should mention is the USB-C port, which is only about two years behind everyone else.​ Luckily, Microsoft’s newly released Surface Pro 7​ incorporates both USB-C and USB-A ports. 

Best of Surface Pro 7

The Surface Pro series touches a lot of points with regards to the difficult transition between tablet and laptop. For instance, it packs the best-engineered kickstand ever found in a tablet, able to reach almost 180 degrees of stable articulation; it can also stop at any given point between.

The new system also uses the best-pinched keyboard ever, and the Surface Type Cover offers a thin protective screen cover, and a fold-out keyboard that is incredibly close to a typical laptop keyboard. Moreover, the Surface Pen stylus is also one of the best Windows has ever seen.

The Surface Pro 7 keyboard cover and stylus have to be purchased separately. [Image: Microsoft]

It’s a Numbers Game

There’s a bit of a hocus-pocus attempt when you see the $749 starting price tag for the Surface Pro 7​. The tag is, however, for the root end model, the Core i3, which packs 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage space. The upgrade, namely the Core i5, comes at the cost of $899 and features 8GB of RAM.

What’s more unbelievable is the fact that the Surface Pro 7​ comes without the keyboard cover and the stylus. In spite of the keyboard and the stylus were shown in almost every promo image, advertisement and TV and movie product placement for the Pro series, you have to buy each item individually.

The Surface Pro Signature Type Cover comes at the cost of $150 and the Surface Pen’s price is $99. 

The conclusion is that the fact people have to buy the items separately is a bit of pricing theater, as the Surface Pro lineup is not so utilizable without these accessories.

A Wild Card

A really surprising fact is that the Surface Pro X, an Arm-based branch of the regular Surface Pro is launching sometime later this year. Its design seems to be slightly more advanced than the Pro’s, and it packs a stylus pocket as well as a clipped keyboard.

Surface Pro X’s battery life should be extremely amazing as it is running a smartphone CPU, and it will be LTE-supporting. However, technically, it won’t do as much as the Surface Pro 7​.


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