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Super Mario Maker 2 Update To Offer The Chance To Play As Link From The Legend Of Zelda

Super Mario Maker 2 has been a big hit among players, and a new free update will make the experience even better, especially for those who also enjoy The Legend of Zelda franchise. The upcoming update will come with a new item in the form of Master Sword, which converts Mario into Link, the star of The Legend of Zelda.

When the power-up is active, Link can keep enemies away with the help of a robust shield, dash around and perform a mighty downward slash move. He can also equip and throw powerful bombs towards enemies and obstacles and use a bow that can be fired in three directions to hit distant character.

Homage is paid towards The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures as the color of Link’s tunic will be different for each active Link in a level to avoid potential confusion.

Super Mario Maker 2 Update To Offer The Chance To Play As Link From The Legend Of Zelda

The update also packs a selection of items that can be used to build courses, among which we can count the Spike, the P Block, Pokey, and Frozen Coin. The Dash block will be available if the 3D world game style is active.

Players will also gain access to a new game that is known under the name of Ninji Speedruns. The mode offers the chance to race along with a level in which Ninji Ghosts will show you how other players from all over the world approached the level and managed to score the fastest time.

Players who enjoy the challenge will love the fact that new Ninji Speedrun levels will be added to the game via period game patches. Completing the levels will reward the players with stamps and Mii costumes. The Miis of the best players will be surrounded by gold stars that highlight their achievements. The Super Mario Maker 2 update will launch on December 5th.

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