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Subway Surfers MOD For Unlimited Coins – How To Install

According to recent research, a large number of people who own Android smartphones love to play games on their devices. Casual games like Subway Surfers are a big hit among many players because it offers an excellent experience while commuting from one place to another. Some players like to enhance their experience by downloading a modified version of the app, which packs additional features.

Below you can find a complete guide that explains all the advantages of the Subway Surfers MOD for unlimited coins, including how to install it on your device in a few minutes.

Features of Subway Surfers MOD

Skip the grind

Subway Surfers is available for free, but many of the customization items offered by the game are locked behind a paywall. Players have the option to purchase items with real-world money but or spend countless hours in an attempt to grind the in-game currency. However, the modded version of the app offers an unlimited amount of in-game currency, allowing players to unlock a wealth of items for free.

No risks

Some may fear that the developer will ban their account. This is not the case since those who modified the app included a mechanism that won’t trigger any flags that signal suspicious activities. You can sign-in with your social media account and become the best among your friends.

Installing the Subway Surfers MOD for unlimited coins

You will have to download the modified app from a reliable source that you can easily find online:

  • Delete Subway Surface from your device if it is already installed.
  • Go to Settings/Security and enable the Unknown Sources to feature to be able to install the modified version of the game.
  • Find the downloaded installation file and tap on it to begin the installation process. Confirm the task and wait until the process is finished.
  • Tap on the icon of the game to launch it and enjoy a fun experience.

Keep in mind that you will have to update the game by repeating this process when a new version of the Subway Surfers MOD is available.


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