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Subway Surfers 1.117.0 Update Takes You to the Beautiful Iceland

The original Subway Surfers was launched back in 2012, making waves with its fun and immersive gameplay. Its global downloads have passed 2.5 billion, and as per App Annie, the game is the most downloaded title of this decade.

However, it is not just the massive number of downloads that make Subway Surfers a phenomenal game. Even eight years after its launch, the title ranks among the top ten most downloaded games every month.

What makes it amazing is the fact that during all this time, the game has not changed much. Both the main gameplay and meta are still the same: the player has to endlessly run along the railroad tracks, gathering as much gold as it can in order to purchase skins. Players can also use real money to buy in-game flying boards.

The most impressive feature of Subway Surfers is in the monthly updates of the environment. For instance, in January, players get to visit the snowy Moscow, and in February, for example, London or Paris.

Subway Surfers 1.117.0 Update

In spite of its continued success, it is about time for a few changes in the game. Now, at the meta-level, mobile titles do not work with users the same way they used to in the past. Traditional events, regular updates, two types of currencies, and video ads are now not sufficient to maximize profits. That is why most games nowadays offer purchasable in-game items, events, modes, and so on.

Still, the latest release for the game, Subway Surfers 1.117.0 update, transports players to the beautiful Iceland via its Subway Surfers World Tour. It enables you the unique adventure of surfing through chilling ice caves and searing-hot volcanoes.

Players can now boost their Surfer crew with Bjarki, the strong explorer, unlock the character’s Fisher Outfit, and surf the Big Blue board. The update also comes with Easter eggs, which are hidden on the decorated tracks and bring prizes.

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