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Stargazers, Be Aware! The Night Sky is More Generous Than Ever This Week

Once again, the Universe is offering incredible celestial shows for its only discovered intelligent species. By definition, the night sky couldn’t be so beautiful without humans being able to conclude that. Of course, this rules out the possibility for other intelligent creatures to exist elsewhere in the Universe.

The new week starting October 26 and ending on November 1 is a real goldmine for stargazers. Whether you want to spot a comet, a ‘Blue Moon’, or Uranus with the naked eye, the Universe will grant all those wishes for you.

The ‘Blue Moon’ arrives on Halloween

For this Halloween, even the Moon will disguise itself, as it will have a blue shade. This outstanding event happens when two full Moons occur in the same month, and it happens every two-and-a-half to three years. Seeing a ‘Blue Moon’ on Halloween is an even rarer sight, as you’ll get another chance to spot one in 2039 if you miss the one from 2020.

Comet 2P Encke enters the scene

The Southern Taurids meteor shower will produce between five and 10 “shooting stars” every hour, and they’re all result and debris of the 2P Encke comet. Of course, this event is far from being considered a major meteor shower, but it’s still a celestial show that you shouldn’t miss.

Don’t miss Uranus

Uranus reaches opposition this week, meaning that it will be positioned in alignment with the Sun and our planet. This also means that you can see Uranus with the naked eye in the night sky. You can look for Uranus anytime this month , as the planet rises in the east around sunset and sets in the west at sunrise.

Hopefully, these cosmic events will be enough for stargazers to watch. But even if they’re not, we should all keep in mind that the Universe never runs out of new material.


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