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Stardew Valley Creator Plans to Develop Other Games Now

Stardew Valley, initially published by Microsoft, has gathered quite a massive player base since it first appeared on the market in February 2016.

When asked about his plans for paid Stardew Valley DLC, creator Eric Barone replied that he doesn’t have any plans regarding the launch of paid installments, but intends to release new games. The developer, who goes by the name of @concernedape on Twitter, has stated that the incredibly popular life simulation game is going to receive another free content update.

Taking into consideration the fact that last update, patch 1.4 from the last part of the previous year, has come with a plethora of new stuff to the title, fans expect that patch 1.5 will also follow with some generously big tweaks to the beloved life simulation game.

“Thanks, everyone, for the Stardew Valley 4-year anniversary wishes. It’s been a pleasure, and I look forward to another great year! Now that 1.4 is out on all intended platforms, I’d like to announce that there will be another free content update (1.5)’s currently in the works,” said the developer in a Twitter post.

Future Projects Might Have Stardew Valley Await For Updates

Patch 1.4 has not long ago added a new spouse event, a flexible screenshot button, new endgame content, as well as an expansive laundry list of bug solving. There is no information regarding the content of the patch 1.5, but fans are sure it will come with substance to what seems to be an unlimited selection of ways to enjoy a rather quiet piece of heaven on a farm.

Barone confirmed the fact that he isn’t planning on launching paid DLC for the popular game in a Twitter reply. Rather, he has his focus on ‘creating and releasing new games in the future.’

Although it is sad to conclude that his future plans might divert his focus from updates for Stardew Valley, fans are excited to see what’s in the bag for the massively one-man project.


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