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Stardew Valley 1.4 Update is Now Available for Android

Back in November 2019, Eric Barone, under the name of @ConcernedApe on Twitter has released a free update for Stardew Valley, the version 1.4, which has now been made available for Android.

The update is a rather significant one, as it comes with new content, features, as well as bug fixes while enhancing the gameplay experience with a bunch of quality of life features.

What is New in the Game

The Stardew Valley 1.4 update comes with all-single player content for the game’s PC and console versions. It also brings a new late-game building upgrade, brand new 14 heart events for every spouse, and some new farm Fish Ponds.

Moreover, it packed 60 new items, added 24 hairstyles, 181 shirts, new hats, pants, and boots; a tailoring option has also been added. The new update restores the ability to transfer saved files on PC to mobile, and sheds can now be upgraded. There are 14 new music tracks, numerous bug fixes, and lots of quality of life enhancements.

Where to Get Stardew Valley From

The changelog depicts some of the changes users will get in the Stardew Valley update on Android. There are a lot of other adjustments and additions that aren’t mentioned in the list, so if you want to see the original changelog from the November PC update, you can do it here.

More or less, Eric Barone is still enhancing Stardew Valley to a smooth gloss, and the fact that these updates are free suggests that there are still a few quality developers that are not focused only on money and diming their clients.

If you’d like to check the Stardew Valley 1.4 update for Android, you can purchase the game on Google Play Store for $7.99. If you already have it on your device, all you have to do it to update the game in order to enjoy what the version 1.4 packs.

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