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Star Trek: Fleet Command 0.713.07201 Update Brings the Borg Arc Part 3: Borg Onslaught

Star Trek: Fleet Command is a 4X (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate) mobile strategy game developed by Digit Game Studios in Ireland and published by Scopely. The gameplay has fans exploring star systems, create ships, mine resources, complete challenges, join alliances, and fight against other players.

The narrative follows the Kelvin timeline from the Star Trek series and features iconic characters from the franchise, such as Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, and more. Similar to the Star Trek Beyond, which launched back in 2016, players can collect and upgrade characters, as well as sending ships away for an RPG-style element.

Last year, the publisher, Scopley, said that its Star Trek: Fleet Command mobile game has become its fastest-growing title, producing more than $100 million in revenue in just eight months.

The gaming studio stated that the title was played for over 200 million hours back in 2019, and fans have participated in more than 1.5 billion battles. This showcases deep immersion for the Android and iOS game.

Since the game has been released in November of 2018, 85 percent of fans have played five out of seven days every week, with more than 5 million played days in the game. Over 100 million battles were reportedly played in just the first ten days following its launch.

Star Trek: Fleet Command 0.713.07201 Update

The game receives regular updates that keep it entertaining and fresh for players. The latest roll-out, Star Trek: Fleet Command 0.713.07201 update, comes with some fixes and new content. It brings the Borg Arc Part 3: Borg Onslaught with more than 35 missions, four brand new Borg officers, and a new Borg Premium Rewards Unlock that can be found in the galaxy.

Alliance Diplomacy has also been introduced with the latest update, which can set a diplomatic status for other alliances. Moreover, the release fixes an issue with repair costs not showing the correct amounts, and another error with low amounts or no hostiles showing up in the system.

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