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Sound Amplifier on Android — Everything You Need to Know About It

Not many people know that Android has a built-in amplifier, which is bound to give its users natural listening experience. You can download the app from the Google Play Store, or it might actually be pre-installed on your smartphone. We are here to tell you how to use it.
First of all, check to see if you have the Sound Amplifier already installed. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Sound Amplifier. If it’s not there, download it from the Google Play Store.

What can Sound Amplifier do?

It was made for headphones plugged in through a 3.5mm headphone jack or through USB-C headphones. This one can boost the quiet sounds and reduce the loud noise in order to give a balanced sound. You can also have a good phone conversation in a loud environment, like a bar or a train station. You can also customize your listening experience by merely adjusting the microphone or the audio settings.

You can also choose to adjust the ears individually to optimize the sound as you want. This feature was made for those who have hearing difficulties in one ear. Sound Amplifier works on devices that run Android 6 – Marshmellow. The apps need some permissions, like access to your microphone, so it would know when there’s an incoming call.

How to use Sound Amplifier on Android

First of all, you need to open Settings, then tap on Accessibility, then tap on Sound Amplifier. Then go to Use service, and accept the permissions by tapping OK. Then connect your headphones to the device. Start Sound Amplifier, then swipe up (by using two fingers), or tap the Accessibility button.

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