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Snapchat Version Update Available with New Fixes and Improvements

Snapchat is one of the most popular social apps of all time. The app was a direct rival to Facebook and Instagram, and it gained popularity thanks to its uniqueness -disappearing messages.

Snapchat took a fresh approach to instant messaging that still feels special, years after it was released.

The concept is quite simple – Chats disappear after you read them or after 24 hours.

Therefore, Snapchat quickly became the app for secret conversations or stuff that you wouldn’t want to be re-watchable.

However, if you decide that you want to see a specific text or photo again later and take a screenshot, Snapchat notices the person you are talking with.

Some people found ways around that by using glitches or by taking screenshots with third-party apps or with other devices.

Do Chats Always Disappear?

Not all chats disappear in Spachat!

Users can select the text, photos, or videos to store in the chat.

The person they are talking to will be notified that they saved a photo or text in chat.

Therefore, you should still think twice before sending a risky text because you might end up seeing it forever at the top of the chat.

Current Version

Snapchat reached version The app received multiple updates over the years so that developers made sure everything works as it should, and users are happy.

Snapchat has evolved a lot since its beginning. It is now one of the top apps for instant messaging, and it kickstarted the whole disappearing messages trend.

The newest update adds extra stability to the app by addressing issues reported by some users.

Make sure that you update Snapchat to benefit from a top performance at all times!


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