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Snapchat New Feature: You Can Insert Your Face In GIFs

We’ve said it before, and we’re saying this again: Snapchat might be the only social media app that’s not owned by Mark Zuckerberg and represents a threat to Instagram and Facebook. You really cannot name another app.

It’s been hinted at the fact that the reason for this is that the developers of Snapchat are not willing at all to sell this app and they are constantly releasing brand new updates for it, just to make sure that the users will be able to enjoy the best possible experience while using the app.

Such updates are boosting the software performance of Snapchat and also bring something new to the best features that this app already has.

It’s been just revealed that there’s a new update on its way to users that will bring a brand new style of camera lens. You can expect this update pretty soon, according to the latest reports.

A GIF camera lens

It’s not too far-fetched to say that the lenses are Snapchat’s best feature so it’s not a surprise that developers have been working intensively on a new one.

This is reportedly making it possible for the app’s users to place their faces in GIFs.

This new feature is called the Cameo, and it’s still in the testing phase according to the latest reports. Snapchat’s reps have already confirmed the news for TechCrunch.

The new feature that makes GIFs interactive is in testing now, and it will be rolling out soon.

How will the new feature work?

If you’re wondering how this will exactly work, well, the new feature will give users the option to select one of their best selfies and pick a generic body type. The face will automatically be animated in GIFs. The animation will also have mouth movements, and this is also a cool thing.

Users from all over the globe will get the chance to have fun with this new feature.


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