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Snapchat Lures People Back To The App With This Move

Snapchat is a really popular app, but it could definitely grow some more in popularity.

A lot of people are migrating towards Instagram more these days, and the previously mentioned app thought about all kinds of ways of luring back its users.

The Verge just reported that Snapchat’s latest plan for a viral AR filter is taking users on an aging journey where they can use a slider to begin morphing from a baby to an older person.

The company did have huge success with its baby lens original filter back in May, just as FaceApp had with its own filter.

The website mentioned above notes that the lens is rolling out on a global scale starting today, and it will be available from users’ lens carousel at the bottom of their camera interface.

It’s also worth noting that “Although Snap does pay creators to build AR lenses for its platform, this lens is a Snap original, meaning an internal team built it. Seemingly, it’s primed to go viral both on and off the platform,” The Verge said.

Snapchat just got an update

In other news, Snapchat just received an update, and users were definitely excited to try it.

Just a couple of days ago, we were reporting that Snapchat’s popularity managed to remain on the rise despite the fact that there are at least two massive competitors out there: Facebook and especially Instagram.

We’ve already addressed the fact that one of the reasons for which the app is so loved and more people are enthusiastic about it is the fact that its developers always make increased efforts in order to offer users the best possible experience.

It’s also worth noting that the app doesn’t crash or lag, and this is obviously thanks to the developers of this app are continuously making sure to update it with software tweaks and bug fixes that take care of known issues and of the app’s stability.


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