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Snapchat Beta Update Comes with New Bug Fixes and Improvements

The rise of smartphones played an important role in the spread of social media networks, which offers exciting and interesting ways of interacting with your friends and family. There are several social media apps available on the market, but Snapchat is one of the most popular ones.

Snapchat offers a wealth of features that have already attracted millions of users, and new features and improvements are added constantly with the help of updates.

Creating a new Snap is as simple as launching the app, which will jump to the camera automatically. Tap to shoot a photo or record a video quickly and sent it to your loved ones in a few seconds. Want to add a bit of style to it? Use a Lens or Filter to change the entire message of the image, bring your funny 3D Bitmoji into the scenery and discover new Lenses and Filters every week. Didn’t find something that suits your tastes? Create your own Lenses and Filters and share them with the community.

Chat with other friends by using the built-in live messaging feature. Bring up to sixteen friends together with video chat conversations, and yes, you can use Lenses and Filters! Share your latest exploits and activities via Group Stories.

Snapchat offers the opportunity to follow friends, celebrities, and brands, learning more about the hottest updates before everyone else by viewing exclusive Stories. It is also easy to remain connected with the rest of the world as you can watch breaking news, interesting shows, and community content, which was curated for you.

Find your friends easily on the Snap Map, which is great when you all want to meet at a single location. Share your location or vanish from the grid by activating the Ghost Mode. Find unique Stories shared by users from other countries.

The beta update comes with new bug fixes and improvements.

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