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Snapchat Update Brings An Exciting “Cameo” Feature

Snapchat fans, brace yourselves because a brand new update is here for your favorite app.

Snapchat is seen by a lot of people in social media, the only app that’s not owned by Mark Zuckerberg and still poses a threat to Instagram and Facebook.

A lot of users have been claiming that the reason for which this has been happening is that the developers of Snapchat are not willing at all to sell this app.

More than that, it’s been also revealed that the developers of the application keep releasing brand new updates for it, just to make sure that the users will be able to enjoy the best possible experience while using the app.

Such updates are improving the software performance of this popular app, and they also bring something new to the best features that Snapchat is already flaunting.

Here’s the latest update that came for the app.

Snapchat Update

This is the latest update for the app, and it’s currently being rolled out via the OTA channels just like before.

The fact that Snapchat’s update is rolled out via the over-the-air channels does not mean anything complicated – it simply means that you have to make sure that you keep your device connected to a stable WiFi in order to get the update, and that’s all.

If you’re wondering why this update is so important and why you should receive it well, it brings new improvements to the software that will boost the general reliability of the app.

More than that, there’s a new feature called Cameos.

What this new feature does is making it possible for users to star in whort looping videos with their pals and then share the clips in the chat.

The feature is really cool, and it shows that the developers of the app are trying their best to come up with exciting, innovative features.


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