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Snapchat Beta Update Boosts The App’s Performance

Snapchat’s popularity managed to remain on the rise despite the fact that there are at least two massive competitors out there: Facebook and especially Instagram.

One of the reasons for which the app is so loved and more people are enthusiastic about it is the fact that its developers always make increased efforts in order to offer users the best possible experience.

This is reportedly just one of the primary reasons for which users see Instagram borrowing features from Snapchat in order to keep up with the latter.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that what makes the app stand out is mainly the stability provided to users.

The app doesn’t crash or lag, and this is obviously thanks to the developers of this app are continuously making sure to update it with software tweaks and bug fixes that take care of known issues and of the app’s stability.

A new update is out, and you can learn more details below.

Snapchat Beta Update

Snapchat fans who are enrolled in the beta program can benefit from all the goodies that this update has to bring and all they have to do is make sure that their smartphones are connected to a stable WiFi because this update is rolling out via OTA channels.

If you’re not enrolled in the beta program, don’t freak out because the app’s developers allow anyone interested to become a part of it.

The only requirement that beta users have is to provide some pretty solid feedback, and that’s all.

And, if you’re wondering what’s new in the update, well, this doesn’t bring any new features.

On the other hand, it will provide users with the opportunity to boost the app’s performance with the help of new bug fixes for known issues. These will take care of software problems and enhance the app’s stability and performance.


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