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Snap Camera App: Use Snapchat Filters in Microsoft Teams

COVID-19 and the phrase “work from home” have made history, since everyone was forced to isolate at home during the peak of the pandemic. Many of the professions were moved to complete their work in the online environment, from teaching to conducting research. This trend has brought an impressive number of people completing their day-to-day activities with the help of video calls, in apps like Microsoft Teams. If you have ever experienced a tedious conversation with your co-workers, here is how to give everyone a little laugh by using Snapchat filters.

About the Snap Camera App

The Snap Camera App is the application that allows you to apply a series of filters to your face during a video call. The app is capable of taking control over the displayed content on your webcam and use its filters. Therefore, search for Snap Camera and download its content. After that, accept all the terms and conditions and verify the reCAPTCHA box. To install the app on your computer, simply click on the installer file.

How to Use Snapchat Filters in Microsoft Teams

After the installation process has finished, open it and go to the icon positioned in tat the top right corner and select “Choose your camera.” From there, you can choose any filter to your liking and even opt for the hotkey set up that allows you to close the effect any time you want.

To open the app on Microsoft Teams, you need to make sure that it is not running in the background. Go to settings and choose the application form the “Devices” option. It can also be accessed while you are during the video call by clicking on Show Device Settings and clicking on the Camera option from where you can choose the application and enjoy the Snapchat filters on Microsoft Team. This the natural way in which you can forget about the stress from working home and bring a funny moment to a lengthy online working day.

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