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Slack Update Brings New Bug Fixes To Boost Work Productivity

Slack can easily be called the perfect app for those users who are involved in teamwork and more extensive projects.

A lot of people feel this, and the primary reason is the fact that Slack is the biggest work platform in the world.

It’s also worth noting that this platform was created to bring team communication and collaboration into a single place and to boost these features to the very next level.

Slack has the ability to help users boost their work productivity a lot, by providing tons of useful features, including file-sharing tools, an interactive to-do-list, and many more.

In order to enhance things even more, Slack is updated on a regular basis with various enhancements, and fans of the app will be happy to learn that a new update is out.

Not too long ago, we were announcing an update, and now another one is out.

Slack update beta version

The latest update that comes for Slack users sports the number, and it’s a beta version. It’s also worth noting that the update is rolling out these days via the OTA channels (over the air).

This means that all you have to do is you also use the app and want to get the goodies that come along with this update is to keep your mobile device connected to a stable WiFi.

The update is not packed with new features, but this does not make it any less important. It’s still a high priority release because even if it doesn’t bring new features, it still enhanced users’ experience with the app.

The overall performance of the app is improved, and the update makes sure to bring new fixes for known issues as well.

Official patch notes

Here are the official notes below:

Fixed: Sending the /rename command to rename a channel without any other text no longer causes a crash.

“The /crash command, meanwhile, is still not working at all, so if you were using /rename to get that effect, apologies for the inconvenience to your workflow,” according to the notes.


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