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Slack Update Boosts Work Flow And Fixes Known Issues

Slack is the ideal app for users involved in teamwork and more extensive projects. The main reason for which we’re saying this is the fact that Slack is the most significant work platform in the world, a platform that was created to bring team communication and collaboration into a single place and to the very next level.

Slack helps users boost their work productivity a lot, and it also provides tons of useful features including file-sharing tools, an interactive to-do-list, and more.

In order to make things even better. Slack is updated on a regular basis with all kinds of improvements, and fans of the app will be happy to learn that a new update is out.

Slack Update – what’s new? 

The app is filled with useful features as we already said above, but, according to more opinions, what truly makes this app stand out the way it does is the fact that the platform is updated almost on a daily basis with all kinds of bug fixes for the known issues, software improvements and also new features.

This is all for the users so that they can have the best possible experience while using this handy app.

The app has an update that’s rolling out as we speak, and you can get it via the OTA channels. This means that all you have to do in order to get this app is to make sure that your mobile phone is connected to a stable WiFi and the update will be downloaded automatically.

If you’re wondering what the update brings new, well, here are the official notes.

“Fixed: Sending the /rename command to rename a channel without any other text no longer causes a crash. The /crash command, meanwhile, is still not working at all, so if you were using /rename to get that effect, apologies for the inconvenience to your workflow.”


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