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Skype Promotes Itself As An Alternative To Zoom

Ten years ago, Skype was the leading player in the domain of video calling. However, it seemed to have vanished lately, when the world had to switch to working remotely and holding online meetings due to coronavirus-imposed social distancing.

A Comeback?

A few days ago, Skype reminded the world that its services are still available with a tweet.

It seems like almost nobody knew Skype features a video chat option known as Meet Now that shares similar features with Zoom.

The tweet included a link to the service, as well as a promotional video.



How It Works

Skype Meet Now allows users to create a designated URL for the meeting they are holding, which can be shared with participants.

However, some people still experience some of Skype’s age-old issues, including the continuously spinning wheel of death that ultimately requires users of the service to restart the app to make it work properly.


Such issues are part of the reason why Skype hasn’t risen to the level of popularity that was achieved by Zoom or other rival services.

To put it objectively, the reason why Skype lost all its popularity is poor management or lack of interest from Microsoft’s side.

One frequent issue users experienced is having two Skype accounts – one tied to their e-mail address and another one linked to their phone number.

Technically speaking, that isn’t an error, but it’s still a significant inconvenience. Microsoft could have implemented a way of linking your phone number with your e-mail address to avoid such unpleasant situations.

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