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Skype Preview Update for Early Access Members is Available

Microsoft has recently announced that Skype has registered increased usage all over the world. Besides a few reports regarding Microsoft 365, Teams, as well as Edge, the tech giant has also released some updated usage statistics for its popular video calling app.

Because more people have been locked at home and remotely working over the last couple of months, Microsoft reported that it had seen a 70 percent increase in Skype users. The application is now used by about 40 million more people every day, compared to previous months.

Skype Saw an Increase in Use as Well

In addition, the tech giant said that it had registered a Skype to Skype calling minutes increase by 220 percent in comparison to the same period of last year. The new statistics come as almost all remote work and chat apps are recording an overall increase in usage. Skype is also receiving regular updates that keep it fresh and exciting to use.

Users of Microsoft’s Skype Preview can now download and install a new update for the application. The developer has rolled out Skype Preview update for early access members, or Insiders, only.

The previous update came with a few new features to Skype Preview, such as the ability to now share files directly from the File Explorer app. To do this, users have to right-click and choose the share options they find there. Also added to Skype Preview was an enhancement for call controls, and Microsoft said that users can now send calls directly from the Recent Chat list. The call duration is also located in the same section.

Skype Preview Update

The latest build released for the communications app, Skype Preview update, is meant for Insiders, as we mentioned, and it doesn’t bring any new features or functionalities as the previous update did. However, it tackled some bugs and made some overall performance improvements.


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