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Six Best Seeds to Try Out in Minecraft PE

One of the most amazing things about Minecraft is how customizable the experience is. The game has no limits, and creative minds can dwell in a heaven of endless possibilities. For instance, you can enter a new world and completely design it the way you want it to be, or find a certain seed, or individual Minecraft world, that you find appealing.

Each of these seeds creates a new world with its own terrain and setups that can help players looking for a particular world layout. To access these worlds, you have to create a new one and insert the seed number you want, which can be found in the game settings.

Here are some of the most amazing seeds you can find in Minecraft PE.

Buried Desert Temple

Seed: 914856115

This seed takes you on top of a buried desert temple, home to a skeleton spawner. You have to dig your way down into the soil in order to get an easy farm experience and numerous bows and arrows.

Triple Village

Seed: 1388582293

Triple Village starts you close to three villages that have spawned-merged. In this particular savanna biome, you get to see numerous blacksmiths, farms, as well as buildings you can own. The area that surrounds the place has rivers, mountains, as well as deserts to enable players to build extra structures.

Hidden Stronghold

Seed: 66898262

When spawning into this world, you might have the impression you’re in a normal-looking village. Initially, you’ll see numerous buildings and farms, but after you jump into the well, you’ll get to a hidden castle and an end portal.

Giant Mesa Spikes

Seed: 742382451

The Giant Mesa Spikes world transports you close to a massive mesa that has its own unique setup of blocks. Although this is not a usual view in the real world, this region is filled with mesa spikes.

Giant Tundra

Seed: 1410403532

This particular seed takes you next to a frozen tundra biome, covered in ice and snow. The Giant Tundra offers an incredible adventure, and you won’t regret trying it out.

Mesa with Mine Shafts

Seed: 2431673

This seed is home to numerous mine shafts and amazing resources. If you want to see how an underground world looks like, and want to get rewards quickly, this is the ideal world to transport yourself into.

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