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Short Review on Shenmue 3

Almost eighteen years later, the developers behind Shenmue decided to release a new sequel to the series. Until not long ago, it seemed like fans of the franchise will not see a new game launched too soon, but, to their excitement, the news that Shenmue ​3 will make its way to the market surfaced earlier this year.

Now, thanks to director Yu Suzuki and the success of the Kickstarter campaign, the game has seen a third sequel. Continuing the fascinating story left by its predecessor, Shenmue ​3 is depicting the situation of a teenage martial artist known as Ryo Hazuki and his attempts to search his father in China of the 1980s. 


After numerous years of waiting, Deep Silver and YS Net have officially unveiled the release date for the third sequence of Shenmue​. The announcement was made at Gamescon back in 2018, and the release date for PC and PlayStation 4 was August 27th, 2019.

Everything You Need to Know About Shenmue 3

Before the official release of the game, fans had the possibility to look into Shenmue​ 3’s gameplay, thanks to the trailers the publisher revealed. The most revealing one was the one that appeared during the Magic Festival at Monaco. The old characters, such as Ryo, Lan Di, Shenhua, were present in the clip, but new characters were also introduced.

The cartoon luster of the design keeps the original feeling of the game, and fighting is rather similar to the Dreamcast originals.

Yu Suzuki, the game director, shared information about the game during the Reboot Develop 2019, such as the prize exchange system of Bailu village.

The tokens gathered while gambling and the minigames can be spent in the village. As players earn the tokens, they can use them at the prize exchange, as well as selling the prizes they don’t necessarily need at the pawnshop.

Some information on the availability of the battle difficulty, which affects the intricacy of the controls, was also shared. As an example, players can practice in the dojo with the wooden mannequin, battle in the matches, and fight against other players. 

When it comes to minigames, players have gacha, the UFO catcher, and a fascinating game with a focus on the mechanical titles. Moreover, there are a bunch of electronic games that support players who want to earn tokens. 

Suzuki concluded by saying that the overall style of the title is different, but players are still going to love it. 

Summing Up

As we now know all these details, we have the trailer and the gameplay that was released, all we have to do is give it a chance and find out what it is like experiencing by ourselves.

If you haven’t purchased the game, we strongly recommend it.

If you ​are a fan of Shenmue​ franchise, or you just heard of the game, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Also, do tell us how was your experience with the game so far, and what you enjoy the most at it.


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