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SHAREit Lite 2.1.58 Update Brings Vital Bug Fixes And Boosts File Sharing Speed

SHAREit is a really popular app that gained massive success by providing access to premium-file-sharing speeds. The Lite version of the app is also becoming more and more popular.

It’s been revealed that one of the best things about this application is the fact that it is able to transfer files at speeds that are 200 times faster compared to what Bluetooth can do regarding file sharing.

It’s also essential to mention that this app enables you to transfer your files without having to sacrifice the files’ quality.

Using the app, you can transfer photos, videos, music, installed apps, and much more.

SHAREit gives you access to limitless online videos, HD and Selective, and more. A great feature of the app is the fact that it supports offline watching.

Watching content offline is really great, but what makes this app even cooler, according to the app’s fans, is the fact that it gets updated quite often, offering users a chance to enjoy an experience that is as close to flawless as possible.

SHAREit Lite just received an update today, and we’ll take a look at the most important elements that are packed in it.

SHAREit gets updated

The most recent update for SHAREit Lite sports the 2.1.58 version number.

It’s worth noting that the developers of this app are rolling it out via OTC channels like you probably expected and this means that all you have to do in order to get this update is to make sure that you have a stable connection to the Internet.

You should also be aware of the fact that the app can be downloaded as an APK as well, for users who prefer a manual download.

What’s new in this update?

The update brings some software improvements which aim the sharing speeds. Users will be able to enjoy higher sparing speeds than ever before. More than that, a bunch of bug fixes will make sure that you enjoy the best possible experience with this app.


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