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SHAREit 5.4.8 Update Rolled Out With Improvements For File Transfers

We live in the century of internet and video streaming, as sharing with other people is easier than ever with the help of online services. A few years ago, many people who wanted to transfer files from one mobile device to another where limited by the slow speeds of methods like Bluetooth and Infrared or the need to use a cable and a computer to perform the task. In the age of smartphones, users can find a wealth of apps that facilitate the transfer of data between devices in a flash. One of the most popular ones is SHAREit, which receives new updates and features on a constant basis with the help of regular updates.

Leading features of SHAREit

By harnessing the power of Direct Wi-FI, SHAREit offers lightning-fast transfer speeds while ensuring that the content arrives intact on the target device. It is up to 2000 times faster in comparison to a regular Bluetooth connection, reaching a speed of 20MB per second.

Users have the freedom to transfer a rich assortment of files with the only limit being the free storage space available on the receiving device. Send fantastic photos, funny videos, important documents, or entire games along with the data folders in a seamless manner. Transfer the entire GB of data in a blink!

What’s new in the latest SHAREit update

Besides data-sharing capabilities, SHAREit can also be a source of entertainment. Browse thousands of HD and SD videos and download them on your device for offline viewing with a single tap. Listen to the hottest hits or classic anthems as millions of songs are available.

There is no need to download an additional app to enjoy the content, which can be obtained with the help of SHAREit. A robust video player and music player are included within the app, and they are compatible with a large number of popular formats. New file transfer optimizations are introduced by the SHAREit 5.4.8 update.


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