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Scientists Uncover a Hidden Continent in the Mediterranean

A team of researchers has uncovered a new continent with a size which is on par with that of Greenland. Most of the continent has been covered by the waters of the Mediterranean.

Classified under the name of Greater Adria the missing piece was once a part of North Africa. After being separated from the African continent it drifted until it reached the southern area of Europe. Most of the continent can be found underwater, but traces of sedimentary pieces which are linked to its existence have been encountered among many European mountain belts, including parts which are present in Italy, Turkey, and Greece.

From a geological point of view, the situation is quite complicated since the continent was damaged severely by massive forces. A researcher involved in the study stated that other mountain chains are easy to understand in comparison to it.

The situation is further complicated by the fact that the Mediterranean region has the most complex geologic structure on Earth, a trait which contributed to the delayed discovery. It is important to keep the mind that the region spans 30 countries, each of them with their geologic surveys, maps, and experts who have their own opinion.

It is thought that the Greater Adria left Africa almost 200 million years ago, and the initial position is market bu the presence of a small strip which can be encountered in the Adriatic Sea. The area, which is known as Adria, links the Turin region found in Northern Italy to the lower areas of the southern lands.

With the help of advanced plate tectonic reconstruction software the team was able to uncover valuable information about the lost continent, including data related to fault lines, the intensity of the magnetism found in the rocks and the path followed during the migration process.

More data about the continent can be found in a study, which was recently published in a scientific journal.


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