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Scientists predict 16m sea level rise even if the Earth stops warming right now

Dating back to three million years when the temperatures were tad degree higher than the present scenario it was noticed that the sea level was 16m more than what it is now. A new study suggested this conclusion drawn by the scientists from referring to the deposits of the coastal caves during the Pliocene era.

Victor Polyak, who is a researcher from Mexico University, came up with a constraining model for the sea level rise which was completely inclined towards the fact that the current measurement of warming is entirely based on the sea level measurement of the past.

Very robust measurement of the heights of the sea level during Pliocene has been discovered with the help of recent study. 3.2 million years ago the temperature on Earth was 2-3 degree-centigrade warmer before the Industrial Revolution commenced.

Bogdan Onac, who is a geosciences professor at South Florida University, suggested that the study interval also depicts that the Carbon Dioxide level of the Earth was as high as it is now, then, in the Pliocene era. This clearly suggests what the fate of the Earth beholds due to the current anthropogenic warming.


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