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Samurai Shodown DLC To Bring Mina Majkina To The Game, As Per New SNK Announcement

SNK has revealed more details about the first character that will join the Samurai Shodown roster via the second season pass. Mia Majkina was revealed during EVO 2019, and she will be released for Western players on February 26.

The remarkable archer comes with a selection of impressive moves, and her bow and arrows will offer surprising flexibility during combat. According to statements provided by the developers of the franchise during interviews, Mina was developed as a foil to Nakoruru, and she will act as a new heroine of the series.

It is mentioned in the lore that she was blessed from birth with powerful spiritual energy. Her family decided to send her far away to study the exotic art of banishing demons. While some villagers praised her for her virtues, others were afraid of the uncanny powers.

Due to extended isolation, Mina cannot express her emotions adequately.

More characters to come to Samurai Shodown in future updates

During a previous title, it was thought that shed died during a suicide attempt to cull Chample, a devious demon who destroyed her village and massacred the entire population. The sequence ends with the two characters locked in a deadly battle.

Samurai Shodown is the latest entry in the Samurai series and one of the most popular fighting games released by SNK. The action of the title takes place between two previous games, and it is deemed to be a reboot of the franchise.

It has managed to secure favorable feedback from both critics and the players if the title, with many appreciating the fact that it was released across several platforms. Some critics argued that the game offers a rich core experience, with exciting fighters, great visuals, and a tense style of fighting that cannot be encountered, among other fighting games.

Four DLC characters will be available via the second season pass, with the last one remaining a mystery for now.


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