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Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 2 Confirmed by Numerous Rumors

Samsung‘s Q1 reports released last week depicted a stable but somehow grim picture for the company as it faces a general slump in its smartphone revenue due to the the global pandemic.

Overall, mobile phone sales went up to 38 percent in February, making the tech giant’s more ambitious approach to its mid-range A series of smartphones more crucial than before. Still, that doesn’t make Samsung halt its work on the Galaxy Fold 2; the company chooses to see this as an opportunity to try innovating its way out of the current financial mess caused by the lockdowns.

Samsung said: “The company will continue to offer differentiated products in the premium segment with the launch of new foldable and Note models.”

The very extravagance of another expensive foldable smartphone could seem foolish to some at a time when companies, including Samsung, seem to face a regression on cheaper devices like the new Galaxy A51 priced $400 that’s currently on sale.

As per numerous speculations, the Galaxy Fold 2​ would work off the original mold, nipping, tucking, and refining as it develops. Most people would expect the same design that puts the larger folding screen on the inside of the device that opens like a book, and the smaller one on the outside cover, protecting the inner panel from additional damage.

According to the latest rumors, the Galaxy Fold 2 could come with a killer accessory, a stylus, similar to the Galaxy Note series of phones. The S Pen would make the foldable device much more like a tablet and multitasking tool, and help differentiate it from the rest.

When it comes to price, Samsung is known to cut the costs a few months after launch, at least on its official website, but it prefers to increase the value of its premium devices with bundled deals.


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