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Samsung TV Plus Streaming Service will be Available on the Galaxy Smartphones Soon

Samsung Galaxy lineup has become one of the best smartphone series on the market. The Galaxy lineup provides both affordable and premium products, which consumers can choose from. The company has become a giant conglomerate over the time and extended its business to smart TVs as well. Last year, in 2019, Samsung had launched its own streaming service called Samsung TV Plus.

It is amazing to see a business as such, grow so fast, and their next step is to introduce the new streaming service in the upcoming Galaxy mobile phones.

According to the latest report, the giant conglomerate is planning to release the Samsung TV Plus service app on the mobile phone platform. As reported on SamMobile, the app could arrive on the mobile stores very soon. Of course, we are still waiting for the official confirmation from Samsung, but the news is pretty exciting already.

Samsung TV Plus to come to the Galaxy smartphones

Not all Galaxy smartphone owners might enjoy the new stream service from Samsung as the app is rumored to launch on the Galaxy S20 series and the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite only. Overall, the app is said to be available exclusively to Galaxy devices, which means that other smartphone brands users won’t be able to enjoy the new service.

There is not much to say about the upcoming feature, but we can see Samsung’s intention. The upcoming mobile phone generation will be built to make multimedia consummation more advanced. The company’s expertise in the smartphone displays will make sure that the viewing experience will be brought to another level than what we have seen so far. Therefore, with the new feature arriving on the premium mobile phones first, we have great expectations in terms of experience.

The features of the upcoming Samsung TV Plus service are unknown. We are still waiting for the company to give out more details, such as the cost service, its compatibility with other programs. However, it is fair to assume that it will be quite similar to the service available on the Samsung smart TV.

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