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Samsung to Release the Galaxy S11 and Galaxy Fold 2 in February 2020

​New rumors regarding a Samsung Galaxy S11 release date have previously surfaced, one of them suggesting February 11th, and the other February 18th. A brand new leak just appeared and implies that the launch date will probably be February 18th, but it also claims that there will be another smartphone launching with the Galaxy S11.

This leak comes from the famous leaker @UniverseIce, ​who says that the Samsung Galaxy S11 and the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will both be released on February 18th at an event that will be held in San Francisco, California.

This later launch date means the devices will be released just ahead of the beginning of the Mobile World Congress 2020 event on February 24th, an occasion Samsung employed to launch its flagship smartphones until this year. 

Even though February 11th is probably a more suitable release date, considering it’s the same number as the device that’s being launched, February 18th gifts the company with a bit more time to develop the devices.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 is expected to arrive in the stores around next week after the release event. The original Galaxy Fold was initially announced six months ago, but it is only launching now, so the Galaxy Fold 2 could also take longer until it hits the shelves.

Welcoming the Impressive Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

Some might have expected the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2​ to be released together with the Galaxy S11 because the original Fold launched alongside the Galaxy S10 this year. However, there weren’t many rumors about that until now.

The brand new foldable smartphone is believed to pack a ‘clamshell’ design, folding horizontally in half, like an old flip device, dissimilar to the first Fold that has a vertical juncture. The design alone would make it a different handset from its predecessor, so the two smartphones would not compete as it would have if the design would have been similar.


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