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Samsung is Expected to Release its Galaxy A51 Next Year

Thanks to Samsung Galaxy A50, the Korean tech giant is currently among the leading mid-range smartphone manufacturers in the world. To continue this legacy, Samsung is planning to release the Galaxy A51, a new smartphone model that will enhance the giant’s stance in the mid-range devices sales.

Galaxy A51 – Global Launch

Rumors about the upcoming Galaxy A series smartphones flooded the web back in August, as reports of Samsung releasing the Galaxy A71 and the Galaxy A91 models in 2021 surfaced. Now, the Galaxy A51 has been added to that list.

Galaxy A51’s model number is supposed to be SM-A515F, which represents the Galaxy A series of smartphones. The handset is also thought to feature Android 10, which, most likely, means the device will launch after the release of the forthcoming Galaxy S11.​

The Korean tech giant always launches the Galaxy S flagship lineup with the most advanced software updates before releasing its other smartphones with the latest Android variant. This is the reason why the Galaxy A51 is expected to launch after the Galaxy S11.

Galaxy A51 – What We Know So Far

The complete list of specifications of the upcoming Galaxy A51 has not been disclosed as of yet. However, we have partial information with regard to the device.

​Samsung is said to be developing the next version of the chipset used in Galaxy A51’s predecessor: the Exynos 9630. The new processor might power the expected device, but nothing official has been confirmed yet.

The cameras are expected to offer high resolution, with two sensors: a 48MP, and a 64MP. Samsung has also packed the Galaxy S50 with a 48MP sensor.

Galaxy A51 – Pricing and Release Date

The Galaxy A50 was incredibly popular among fans of Samsung devices, as it offered flagship-level specifications, but came with an affordable price. The Galaxy A51 is also expected to be priced competitively.

Since the Samsung Galaxy A50 launched immediately after the Galaxy S10, it is expected that the Galaxy A51 will be released after the rollout of the Galaxy S11, in 2020. There is still a bit of time until the highly anticipated device will hit the stores.


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